A Travelling Exhibition by the Artists of PSO

In the exhibition entitled A Safe Place, the talented artists of the Psychiatric Survivors of Ottawa (PSO) have used sewing, painting, embroidery and collage to create house sculptures which have come together to create a portable neighbourhood. The participants have attempted to picture a space they would feel safe, and happy, an environment they can ultimately take with them in their minds as they move from place to place. A safe place is also created through the assembly of people, working together towards a collective creative goal, who understand each other's challenges. The variety of artworks here is an expression of the variety of talents and stories present in PSO's peer support community.

The artists are very pleased to exhibit their work in tandem with the PSO theatre group's production of The Lonely Adventures of Stigma. The theme of loneliness explored in this play has a strong connection with the subject matter we have tackled in A Safe Place.

Project funded by the Ontario Arts Council. We would also like to thank Eco-Equitable and Bill Staubi for the donation of supplies.