> Coffee House Cartography


My first return to performance art since 2006 and the Cake Show! Helena Blavatsky, meets Relational Art, meets Surrealism! At the Daily Grind Arts Cafe at 601 Sommerset West, May 12th from 1:30 pm to 5pm. The first stop on the China Town Remixed Circuit!

This performance/interactive art piece uses a social variant of the surrealist method of automatism to map the interaction between the artist and passer by. Dressed as a slightly eccentric Edwardian tea drinker and seated at a table in a coffee shop, I offered tea to participants. The beverage was served out of a teapot especially selected for it's tendency to drip, over sheets of handmade paper. I began conversations with passers by through the use of cards with discussion topics. As the discussions progressed, drip patterns and were be cast on the table's surface.

I am now in the process of I hand sewing the discarded sheet, transforming the drip patterns into continents and the cup rings into compass roses. In such a way, a map of the social space established between the artist and visitors will be created. Participants will be welcomed to view the completed map online very soon as well as at an upcoming exhibition at Blink Gallery at the end of August.